About the SUBMERGED project

SUBMERGED is a crossmedia speculative narrative, spread across a mobile app, a boardgame, a graphic novella, and a choose-your-own-adventure booklet. It is also an experimental research project, aiming at collecting qualitative data about speculative scenarios on the future of civic technologies and urban practices.

As we created a storyworld spanning different media types, we aimed not only at creating a compelling experience for our players and users, but we gathered data about different ways of imagining the future. Does being physically located in a specific place in Amsterdam change the way players think about its possible future?

SUBMERGED is, for the most part, freely downloadable. We invite everyone to read the graphic novella, to browse through the inspiration material, and then try out the boardgame. Or, in case you happen to be in Amsterdam, print and play your choose-your-own-adventure booklet.

The mobile app is, for the time being, available only for internal use at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Get in touch to arrange a playtest!