If you could change the future, would you?


Genèviéve Korte and Gabriele Ferri.

Set in the year 2031, Amsterdam is submerged under water due to a catastrophic event.
In this narrative-context based game focused on the future of technology and public spaces,
players must make difficult choices and decide the fate of their fellow citizens in the process.


SUBMERGED is a crossmedia project by Genèviéve Korte and Gabriele Ferri.

By collecting data in playful ways, we search for insights on designing for today’s and tomorrow civic interactions. SUBMERGED integrates two research methods: futuring workshops, and on-site speculations in Amsterdam. Will the experiences and data gathered be different? What kind of changes will we see in the ideas our players come up with? And, ultimately, is the data richer when players are sent into the city, situating them in the physical location of the interactive narrative? Our goal is to trigger the creative minds of our players, and not only gather data but also make sure that they have a pleasant, playful and compelling experience. SUBMERGED is part of a longer research trajectory examining the future of technology and public spaces through interactive narrative and playful interactions.

SUBMERGED is a project of the Lectoraat in Play & Civic Media, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Genèviéve Korte is a student and research intern at AUAS. Gabriele Ferri ( is postdoctoral design researcher at AUAS.


A video trailer for the SUBMERGED project.